Breast Implant Surgery Approaches

Indication for submuscular (Dual Plane Technique) Versus Subglandular (Retromammary Technique) placement of implants

Dual Plane Technique/Submuscular Approach Subglandular/Retromammary Approach
Preferable Approach for Patients who have Minimal Breast Tissue Not indicated for patients with minimal breast tissue
Use for Ectomorphic Build, Minimal Breast Tissue and Thin Muscular Development Useful for Endomorphic Build or Barrel Chest Deformity
Better Detection of Lesions with Subpectoral Placement on Mammograms and Ultrasounds Difficulty with Imaging on Mammography and Ultrasound
Decrease incidents of Encapsulation and Scar Tissue Increased Rate of Scar Tissue, Capsular Contracture
Reduced Visibility and Palpability of Implant Increased Visibility and Palpability of the Implant Edge
Often Increased Surgical and Recovery Time Shorter Surgery and Recovery Time
Often More Painful Often Less Painful

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